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IGNOU July & January 2022-23 Session Assignments (Updated) | Free Solved Assignments 2022-23


IGNOU Assignments 2022-23 updated – Check and Download the IGNOU Assignments 2022-23 for the TEE (Term-End examination) sessions December 2022 & June 2023. All the students who take admission to the new cycle of the IGNOU are compulsory to write their assignments before the due date. To write the assignments all students have to download assignments for their selected programs. The good news is that we have to provide all the updated assignments paper links below and made your work more easily, so all you need to do first is bookmark this page first for future use and then, go below to download every course assignment from here. Students only have to download only those course assignment question papers in which they get admission in the IGNOU 2022-23 session and they also want to appear in the TEE Exam 2023 for that course.

Weightage of IGNOU Assignments in 2022-23 Sessions and Minimum Marks!

IGNOU Assignments have 30% weighted in each of the IGNOU programs in the 2022-23 Sessions. So each and every student who takes admission should not ignore it. They need to write the best assignment solution to get higher marks in the result and it also increases your performance report on your grade card. Without assignments your course is incomplete and you must submit to complete.

One of the best about the Ignou assignments is that you will get 40% marks for passing, and after that, you can fill IGNOU Exam Form to appear in the TEE Examination (for applying to the TEE form submission of assignments before filling the form is not compulsory). For e.g. if the assignment has a total mark of 100 then students have to get at least 40 marks to pass out. Before start writing your assignments do not forget to read all Instructions for IGNOU Assignments to make your assignment perfect, mistake-free and considerable. Just find your program from the list of assignments and start downloading it on your device (mobile phone, laptop, desktop, or even tablet). Start writing your assignment solution as mentioned in your course without printing only your hand because no print or typing is allowed at the time of submission of assignments. Students are requested to submit their assignments as soon as possible to appear in the upcoming term-end exam before the last date of submission.

Is it Compulsory to Submit IGNOU Assignments? Without submission, you can appear or not in the TEE – Term End Examination?

Yes, it is compulsory for each and every IGNOU student to submit their assignment but not compulsory before filling out the TEE form you have to write and submit your assignments to the concerned study center before the last date. Because as you know assignment marks have high weightage and value in IGNOU University, if you neglect them then IGNOU neglect you. And, if any of the students failed to submit then he/she cannot attend the Term End Exam conducted by IGNOU University. Students can also get bits of help from IGNOU Solved Assignment to prepare the best assignment sheet for submitting to their center. And, for that, you can check out the website home or another page where we provide free of cost the IGNOU Assignments Solutions for every student.


List of all IGNOU Assignments of 2022-2023 Sessions

Here, we have listed all the assignments on the basis of the category of the IGNOU Assignment by UG, PG, Diploma, and Certificates so that the students can easily find their course assignments without any hustle and problem only by looking clicking one click on their respective list of assignments.

Bachelor Degree Assignments

S. No.Program Link
1.BAG AssignmentsDownload
2.BASOH AssignmentsDownload
3.BSCANH AssignmentsDownload
4.BAPSH AssignmentsDownload
5.BAHIH AssignmentsDownload
6.BAEGH AssignmentsDownload
7.BAECH AssignmentsDownload
8.BAPCH AssignmentsDownload
9.BAPAH AssignmentsDownload
10.BSCG AssignmentsDownload
11.BCOMG AssignmentsDownload
12.BAVTM AssignmentsDownload
13.BA & BDP AssignmentsDownload
14.BSc AssignmentsDownload
15.BSW AssignmentsDownload
16.BLIS AssignmentsDownload
17.BCA AssignmentsDownload
18.BCom AssignmentsDownload
19.BBAR AssignmentsDownload
20.ACC-01 AssignmentsDownload
21.BA AssignmentsDownload
22.BCom A&F AssignmentsDownload
23.ANC-01 AssignmentsDownload
24.BCom F&CA AssignmentsDownload
25.BCom (CA & A) AssignmentsDownload
26.BHM AssignmentsDownload
27.BTS AssignmentsDownload
28.Post Basic BSc Nursing AssignmentsDownload
29.BPCCHN AssignmentsDownload
30.FST-01 AssignmentsDownload
31.Bed AssignmentsDownload
32.BSWG AssignmentsDownload
33.BSWE-04 AssignmentsDownload
34.BSWE-05 AssignmentsDownload
35.BSWE-06 AssignmentsDownload

Master Degree Assignment

S. NO. Program Link
1. MSW Assignments Downlaod
2. MAGPS Assignments Downlaod
3. MAPC Assignments Downlaod
4. MAH Assignments Downlaod
5. MSO Assignments Downlaod
6. MPS Assignments Downlaod
7. MAPY Assignments Downlaod
8. MCom (BP & CG) Assignments Downlaod
9. MCom F&T Assignments Downlaod
10. MCom (MA & FS) Assignments Downlaod
11. MAAE Assignments Downlaod
12. MCA Assignments Downlaod
13. MEC Assignments Downlaod
14. MAAN Assignments Downlaod
15. MCom Assignments Downlaod
16. MADVS Assignments Downlaod
17. MEG Assignments Downlaod
18. MSWC Assignments Downlaod
19. MLIS Assignments Downlaod
20. MARD Assignments Downlaod
21. MBA Assignments Downlaod
22. MBA Banking & Finance Assignments Downlaod
23. MAGD Assignments Downlaod
24. MHD Assignments Downlaod
25. MPA Assignments Downlaod
26. MSCDFSM Assignments Downlaod
27. MAWGS Assignments Downlaod
28. MACS Assignments Downlaod
29. MTTM/MTM Assignments Downlaod
30. MAEDU Assignments Downlaod
31. MATS Assignments Downlaod
32. MADE Assignments Downlaod
33. MAJMC Assignments Downlaod
34. MSK Assignments Downlaod
35. MSCENV Assignments Downlaod
36. MAFCS Assignments Downlaod
37. MSCIS Assignments Downlaod
38. MAJY Assignments Downlaod
39. MAUD Assignments Downlaod
40. MACSR Assignments Downlaod
41. MAUS Assignments Downlaod
42. MSCRWEE Assignments Downlaod
43. MSCCFT Assignments Downlaod
44. MAEDS Assignments Downlaod

Post Graduate Certificate Assignment

S. No.ProgramLink
1.PGCGI AssignmentsDownlaod
2.PGCCL AssignmentsDownlaod
3.PGCAE AssignmentsDownlaod
4.PGCCC AssignmentsDownlaod
5.PGCMHT AssignmentsDownlaod
6.PGCBHT AssignmentsDownlaod
7.PGCPP AssignmentsDownlaod
8.PGJMC AssignmentsDownlaod
9.PGCAP AssignmentsDownlaod
10.PGCIATIVI AssignmentsDownlaod
11.PGCIPWS AssignmentsDownlaod
12.PGCMDM AssignmentsDownlaod
13.PGCEDS AssignmentsDownlaod
14.PGCINDS AssignmentsDownlaod

Diploma Assignments

S. No. ProgramLink
1.DMT AssignmentsDownlaod
2.DCE AssignmentsDownlaod
3.DVAPFV AssignmentsDownlaod
4.DUL AssignmentsDownlaod
5.DWM AssignmentsDownlaod
6.DDT AssignmentsDownlaod
7.DEVMT AssignmentsDownlaod
8.DWED AssignmentsDownlaod
9.DPLAD AssignmentsDownlaod
10.DCCN AssignmentsDownlaod
11.DNA AssignmentsDownlaod
12.DECE AssignmentsDownlaod
13.DNHE AssignmentsDownlaod
14.DAFE AssignmentsDownlaod
15.DAQ AssignmentsDownlaod
16.DIPP AssignmentsDownlaod
17.DTG AssignmentsDownlaod
18.DBPOFA AssignmentsDownlaod
19.DHORT AssignmentsDownlaod
20.DPVE AssignmentsDownlaod
21.DMOP AssignmentsDownlaod
22.DFPT AssignmentsDownlaod
23.DELED AssignmentsDownlaod
24.DPE AssignmentsDownlaod

Post Graduate Diploma Assignments

S. No.ProgramLink
1.PGDHRM AssignmentsDownlaod
2.PGDOM AssignmentsDownlaod
3.PGDMM AssignmentsDownlaod
4.PGDFM AssignmentsDownlaod
5.PGDGPS AssignmentsDownlaod
6.PGCGPS AssignmentsDownlaod
7.PGDRD AssignmentsDownlaod
8.PGDIS AssignmentsDownlaod
9.PGDUPDL AssignmentsDownlaod
10.PGDMCH AssignmentsDownlaod
11.PGDFSQM AssignmentsDownlaod
12.PGDPSM AssignmentsDownlaod
13.PGDBP AssignmentsDownlaod
14.PGDCFT AssignmentsDownlaod
15.PGDIPR AssignmentsDownlaod
16.PGDESD AssignmentsDownlaod
17.PGDET AssignmentsDownlaod
18.PGDSLM AssignmentsDownlaod
19.PGDAC AssignmentsDownlaod
20.PGDWGS AssignmentsDownlaod
21.PGDCOUN AssignmentsDownlaod
22.PGDFMP AssignmentsDownlaod
23.PGDFCS AssignmentsDownlaod
24.PGDEOH AssignmentsDownlaod
25.PGDEMA AssignmentsDownlaod
26.PGDCJ AssignmentsDownlaod
27.PGDDM AssignmentsDownlaod
28.PGDSS AssignmentsDownlaod
29.PGDAPP AssignmentsDownlaod
30.PGDAST AssignmentsDownlaod
31.PGDCA AssignmentsDownlaod
32.PGDLAN AssignmentsDownlaod
33.PGDPPED AssignmentsDownlaod
34.PGDT AssignmentsDownlaod
35.PGDIBO AssignmentsDownlaod
36.PGDCSR AssignmentsDownlaod
37.PGDAW AssignmentsDownlaod
38.PGDDVS AssignmentsDownlaod
39.PGCAR AssignmentsDownlaod
40.PGDAB AssignmentsDownlaod
41.PGDDC AssignmentsDownlaod
42.PGDHIVM AssignmentsDownlaod
43.PGDAE AssignmentsDownlaod
44.PGDHE AssignmentsDownlaod
45.PGDHHM AssignmentsDownlaod
46.PGDMH AssignmentsDownlaod
47.PGDGM AssignmentsDownlaod
48.PGDHEM AssignmentsDownlaod
49.PGDEDS AssignmentsDownlaod
50.PGDPM AssignmentsDownlaod
51.PGDMIDI AssignmentsDownlaod

Certificate Assignments

S. No.ProgramLink
1.CTPM AssignmentsDownlaod
2.CIT AssignmentsDownlaod
3. CFE AssignmentsDownlaod
4. ACISE AssignmentsDownlaod
5.CVAP AssignmentsDownlaod
6.CPY AssignmentsDownlaod
7.CSLC AssignmentsDownlaod
8.CETM Assignments Downlaod
9.CNIN AssignmentsDownlaod
10,CLTA AssignmentsDownlaod
11.CTE AssignmentsDownlaod
12.CHCWM AssignmentsDownlaod
13.CGL AssignmentsDownlaod
14. ACPSD AssignmentsDownlaod
15.CIHL AssignmentsDownlaod
16.CLIS AssignmentsDownlaod
17.COF AssignmentsDownlaod
18.CUL AssignmentsDownlaod
19.CFL AssignmentsDownlaod
20.CPATHA AssignmentsDownlaod
21.CNM AssignmentsDownlaod
22.CDM AssignmentsDownlaod
23.CIG AssignmentsDownlaod
24.CRUL AssignmentsDownlaod
25.CCP AssignmentsDownlaod
26.CSWCJS AssignmentsDownlaod
27.CCITSK AssignmentsDownlaod
28.CAL AssignmentsDownlaod
29.CRD AssignmentsDownlaod
30.ACPDM AssignmentsDownlaod
31.CMCHN AssignmentsDownlaod
32.CNCC AssignmentsDownlaod
33.CKLC AssignmentsDownlaod
34.CFAID AssignmentsDownlaod
35.CCLBL AssignmentsDownlaod
36.CAHT AssignmentsDownlaod
37.CFDE AssignmentsDownlaod
38.DTS AssignmentsDownlaod
39.CTS AssignmentsDownlaod
40.CAFE AssignmentsDownlaod
41.CWHM AssignmentsDownlaod
42.CPF AssignmentsDownlaod
43.CFN AssignmentsDownlaod
44.CHR AssignmentsDownlaod
45.CPVE AssignmentsDownlaod
46.CIS AssignmentsDownlaod
47.CIB AssignmentsDownlaod
48.CCR AssignmentsDownlaod
49.CPSCM AssignmentsDownlaod
50.CSWM AssignmentsDownlaod
51.CPEL AssignmentsDownlaod
52.CMAD AssignmentsDownlaod
53.CGAS AssignmentsDownlaod
54.CGCA AssignmentsDownlaod
55.CTRBS AssignmentsDownlaod
56.CES AssignmentsDownlaod
57.CBS AssignmentsDownlaod
58.CHBHC AssignmentsDownlaod
59.CPPDPT AssignmentsDownlaod
60.BPP AssignmentsDownlaod
61.CGDA AssignmentsDownlaod
62.CHHA AssignmentsDownlaod
63.CJL AssignmentsDownlaod

How To Submit IGNOU Assignments 2022-23 Online?

Now, this kind of question is rising up in the mind of every student when their assignments are ready for submission is – How To Submit Them either offline or online? So, you can submit as your choice either online or offline. But, we suggest you submit them through offline mode at your SC – Study Centre (mean college) not to your RC – Regional Centre.

It is noted that online assignment submission is now somehow mandatory because of COVID-19 situations in India Students get the benefit that they can submit their assignments through online mode, before COVID-19 online mode does not exist in IGNOU, the only offline mood is occur where student go to their SC (Study Centre) for submission of their assignments. So, take benefit and submit your assignments through online mood and one request to every student is that submit your required assignments to IGNOU SC through email or offline before the last date (IGNOU Assignments 2022-23).

Note Candidates are also requested to keep their physical assignment in a safe place because you may have to submit the physical copy of your written assignment to the study center if it is requested by the study center. Because sometimes some problems occur like your submit your assignment but you don’t get the marks to re-submit or proof you need them. So, place them in a safe place where they are not lost.

Many Students have one more question – Which Session IGNOU Assignment to be submitted?

Many of the students have confusions that which assignments should be submitted for June 2023 Term End Examination(TEE) in the study center, so here is the solution to it. Students of all programs have to submit only the 2023 session assignment to appear in June 2023 TEE Exam. If your program has the availability of the Jan & July 2023 session assignments then submit a fresh assignment to the IGNOU Study center rather than the old one.

If any student has submitted 1st year or 1st-semester assignment of the July 2022 – Jan 2023 session then they can submit 2nd year or 2nd-semester assignment of session Jan-July 2023 to IGNOU SCs. If a student has still confusion or query then they can contact to IGNOU Help support team to get answers to their questions.

IGNOU Result 2022 | TEE Exam Result

FAQ – For IGNOU Assignments 2022-23 Session!!!

These are those question which is asked by a lot of the students to us on different platforms and channel. And, if we miss any of the questions so kindly re-ask us or mail us directly which is mentioned on Contact Us Page.

Q-1) Is IGNOU Assignment Submission Compulsory?
Answer – This is the most asked question by students and the answer is “YES”. Without submission, you are not able to sit for the TEE – Term End Examination 2023.

Q-2) Is the late Assignment Submission delayed or what will be the accurate last date for Assignment Submission in 2023?
Answer – So, the initial last date is 15-April for the June session but after extension and so on and so on the final last date is 15th-June after that the submission date will not extend or increase. So, submit your assignment before it. And, take it seriously after that date will not be extended or delayed.

Q-3) To whom I can Submit IGNOU Assignments 2022-23?
Answer – You have the choice to submit either online or offline, but for both cases, you need to Coordinator of the Concerned Study center which is allotted by the IGNOU for your entire session.

Q-4) Is it compulsory to submit the assignment in hand-written mode?
– Yes, it is compulsory to submit your assignment in hand-written mode only, neither printing nor typed assignment is acceptable in IGNOU.

Q-5) If we take help from the Solved Assignments then, our assignments is acceptable or not?
– This question is also asked by many students and yes you can take help from the solved assignment but add some detail by your end as well and Yes you can take help from it when you write your assignment solutions.

Wrapped Up

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